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Booking the Band

How far in advance should you book?

To avoid disappointment, we always advise to book as soon as possible no matter how far away your big day is.

Do you Travel Nationwide?

Yes, we will travel anywhere on the island of Ireland.

Do you travel Internationally?

Yes, we have previously travelled to Italy / Spain / France / Cyprus and beyond for events.

Do you charge for travel and are there any hidden charges?

No, we do not charge for travelling to your wedding or event. Any quote given is for any wedding on the island of Ireland. The cost quoted upon booking will be the full and final price. Please note that international events will incur a travel charge.

Do you require a deposit and is this refundable?

Yes, we do require a deposit to secure your booking and this is non refundable.

Will I hear from the band on the lead up to the big day?

Yes, we will be in touch base with whom the booking had been made with in order to check in and confirm the finer details (band arrival time on the day etc.) prior to the big day.

Does the band have public liability insurance (PLI)?

Yes, if the venue requires a certificate for either of the above, please let us know and this can be provided.

Can we see the band live?

Yes, please refer to our “Public Dates” page on our website for a list of all public dates which will give you an opportunity to see the band live. If you are unable to see the band in person, don’t worry, all our videos from any of our events are recent, LIVE and 100% authentic. Feel free to check them out.

Setting Up

Can you set-up before the meal?

Yes, but please note this would incur an extra charge.

How much time is required to set up?

We required 50 minutes to set up once we have gained access to the room.

Will you play background music while setting up?

Yes, we can play background music during set-up.


How long will the band play for?

The band will play for 2 hours. Our DJ will play for an additional 2 hours following the band (if selected as part of the package). Our DJ will take over seamlessly as soon as the band finish to ensure there is no break / dead air between both.

Can we choose the set list?

You're welcome to send over a list of your favorite songs from our repertoire to include these in their set, however we are experienced in being able to read a room and will alter our set to suit the audience reaction.

Do you take a break?

We liaise directly with the hotel on when they expect to serve the evenings finger food. We will make an announcement to the guests that the food is being served. Based on the request of the wedding couple, we will either take a 15-minute break or continue to play depending on what the bride and groom would like on the night

Will there be silence while the band takes a 15 minute break?

No, we will have background music playing while your guests take a break.

What if a member of the band can't make it on the day due to illness?

Should the unthinkable happen, we do have stand-ins available (former band members) that can step in at a moment’s notice. As Irene is the main lead of the band, if she were unavailable, we would contact the client to discuss options.

Is the band loud?

We will always be conscious of your guests in the room and therefore have our sound matched perfectly to the room so that guests can enjoy the music but also talk comfortably to each other.

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